What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Westmark Associates takes a unique approach to online marketing services in the financial investment industry. We provide all the tools and resources investment experts need to achieve success with their educational or training products and programs.

We've supported the growth of businesses at all levels for over a decade through a comprehensive, step-by-step approach. Our Roadmap to Success™ is methodical, customized and encompasses everything you need, from lead generation, media, or sales campaigns.

Our clients benefit from a proven, systematic approach to online marketing. We don't just get you some leads or set you up with some advertisements. We identify exactly what tools and strategies will work for you and develop a comprehensive marketing plan you to approve. Then we make sure everything you need is in place from start to finish, down to the last detail.

We become your marketing department, and we never forget that you're the CEO. We don't tell you what to do, try to run your business for you, or treat you like an employee.

Our role is to put our expertise to work for you, providing guidance and support that can grow your business to the level of your choice in an efficient, affordable and successful way.

Here's some of what sets us apart:

  • In-Depth Evaluation—We can help you take advantage of everything you already have in place and at your disposal. A thorough evaluation of your assets can lead to the discovery of new products, a new sense of direction and, of course, a variety of options and methods to get you new leads.
  • Our Network – Our solid reputation in online marketing within the financial industry has allowed us to build a large network. Every client who becomes a part of Westmark Associates gains immediate access to wide a range of professionals in the industry it's unlikely they would encounter or partner with on their own.
  • We Negotiate for You—We know and understand the promotions we arrange for our clients inside and out. We know what's fair and what isn't, and we'll negotiate on your behalf to ensure you always get what you should be getting—the very best possible deals.
  • We Work with Great Partners—We know who the good (and the not so good) individuals and businesses out there are, and we only work with the best. As in any industry, there are unscrupulous individuals who offer promotions but don't follow through with what they promise. We check stats and carefully track all of the exchanges we set up for our clients. We know who delivers what they promise and who doesn't, and we'll help you avoid the pitfalls you otherwise aren't likely to see until it's too late.
  • A Reputation for Excellence—Ours is not an easy industry to work in. It's a highly competitive one that unfortunately involves some individuals who aren't scrupulous. We've worked hard to establish and maintain a reputation for excellence, and our clients know we're going to be honest and fair in everything we do. We meet deadlines, we deliver what we say we will, and we stand with our clients to ensure they're never take advantage of by anyone.

We respect every one of our clients as business owners and we enjoy building long-term, personal relationships with them. You have your own vision for your business, and successful online marketing will build on what makes you authentic and unique.

Our job is to help you identify marketing approaches and strategies that are a good fit for your business based on your goals, what your business is ready for, and what's within your reach financially.

You don't have to do it all yourself, and you don't have to give up control to successfully market in a way that supports your own vision for your business!

Ready to get your Roadmap To Success ? We offer complimentary 30-minute consultations.