About Us

About Us

We can help you if you have...

  • A list in the 7,500 and above range, or are prepared to advertise through other investment lists.
  • At least one base product whereby you teach people your techniques via video, software or another established product that delivers your training strategies
  • A marketing budget of at least $3,000 per quarter
  • An administrative or support assistant. Or, willing to invest in a part-time Virtual Assistant

You don't need a large budget to work with us successfully. We'll help you make sure your time and money is well spent.

Every one of our clients is part of the Westmark Associates team and is held to high standards.

Our clients are professionals— some are licensed brokers, certified technical analysts, self-taught investment advisors, and hedge fund managers. Some were previously excelled as market makers or floor runners. They have been in the trenches, they know the pitfalls, and they are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with others to help them succeed as investors, too.

Our experts who have developed a successful formula for trading in any market condition.

What our clients have achieved is something quite remarkable! A consistently profitable investment solution has the potential to make a profound difference in the quality of people's lives.

But in order for your trading techniques to make any impact at all, people need to see what you're offering. You must reach self-directed investors; retain their focus long enough so the potential benefits of your expertise can be understood and appreciated.

We often work with clients who, despite being highly successful investors and quite visible, fall short when it comes to selling online. They often believe they have a "traffic problem," and many do. But more often, they really have a marketing problem. Many have no systems in place to effectively communicate with new contacts in a way that moves them to the point of purchase. Since they're not copywriters, experts in sales or marketing specialists, it's really no surprise.

We work best with clients who are eager to take charge of their businesses and ready to start taking advantage of the incredible potential that's available to them through effective marketing.

Here are a few typical scenarios of clients we have had the pleasure to help succeed in the past.

"I’m a highly visible, well respected market analyst with strong media skills. I’m in high demand and consistently featured on major news organizations. But none of this exposure brings sufficient traffic to my website or highlights all I have to offer. I need my business to project the same level of professionalism that I’m accustomed to as a professional floor trader. There's a big disconnect between the 'me' they see on the news every day who they really, really value, and what they see on my website, where I get lost in the status quo. I want to take advantage of the following I've developed with TV appearances, but I can't seem to translate that expert image into online visibility and sales!"

"I started my career both as a member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the American Stock Exchange and was a former market maker. I'm accustomed to high-stress, fast-paced work environments, so I never lost a minute of sleep after becoming an entrepreneur. But what's stressing me out today is my lack of experience in how to get my share of traffic online. No matter what I do or try, it is becoming increasingly hard to get enough people to my site. How can I give people what they need if they never even see what I can deliver? I didn't expect it to be easy to get some web traffic. But I sure didn't expect it to be such a monumental task! Not knowing what to do causes me so much stress, it's way worse than anything I ever experienced trying to fight on the trading floor."

"I've written a bestselling book. With that kind of credibility, I was confident I'd succeed with my own investing business to help assist aspiring traders. They loved my book, so they'd love what they found on my website, I figured. But while I nailed a successful trading formula and the book did great, success with my training business didn’t follow. I’m exceptional at my strategies and I think I’m an excellent instructor, but I don’t know how to communicate this on an ongoing basis to the people who signed up to follow me. When it comes down to it, I don't know how to ask them to buy anything. I don't know how to add a page to my website. I'm frustrated and stressed out because I'm back to having to work in areas I just don't like. I don't want to be a copywriter, I don't want to be a webmaster, and I don't want to be a marketing guru. I want to focus on the work I love and that I know I do best. I need to take off all these hats and get some help running my business so I can get back to the work I enjoy."

"As an industry specialist for 20+ years I taught countless people how to successfully invest for themselves. While working at a brokerage firm, I trained others all the special intricacies of different technical analysis chart reading. I've written featured articles in major magazines, and provided lectures at financial expos. But , I hit a wall! My website started to lose traffic and I was falling behind on the fast-changing internet marketing practices. I found myself spending more and more time trying to keep up with changes in internet marketing. It turned into a full time job in itself and started eating away at the time I could spend on doing what I love. It was almost too late before I figured out my business wouldn’t survive if I didn’t enlist professional assistance. Now, it seems so clear. I needed to take the same advice I was giving my clients. Work with the best and you will be years ahead of the people that insist on figuring everything out on their own. (and ahead dollars in the bank)

Ready to get your Roadmap To Success ? We offer complimentary 30-minute consultations.