How We Work

How We Work

Westmark Associates Roadmap to Success™involves a proven, step-by-step process that's comprehensive and customized. The first step is to contact us by phone or email. After a phone interview, we'll send you documents that contain questions and ask for information about your business' assets. Your answers will allow us to determine which level of service fits best for you.

We'll carefully examine all of your assets as identified in the pre-qualifying documents you complete, including ebooks, videos, your products and price points and other information. Then we determine the various paths we can pursue working together, so you have options to choose from depending on your assets and your goals.

Our work is designed to help you move from a smaller business mindset into a larger business with different revenue streams and different departments. Instead of trying to work with multiple companies that each do "pieces" or parts of what you need, we serve as the single touch point you can rely on to bring everything together.

The service we provide is  wide-ranging, covering everything from which shopping cart and email client will best suit your needs to what you'll use for video recordings. We'll determine which areas have the largest return on your expenses. We'll do competitive intelligence research to determine where your direct competitors are advertising and we'll identify the best ways to get your traffic flowing.

Whether you're at an entry level point or you have some tools in place that just need fine-tuning, our in-depth evaluation process will identify the best options available to you.

We help our clients make the most of their resources by coordinating their marketing efforts. Instead of pursuing various activities such as advertising, traffic or affiliate marketing individually and hoping it all comes together, we take an organized and efficient approach to marketing—one that includes everything.

Each of our clients receives a Westmark Associates marketing plan that provides an overview of everything we plan and schedule for the time you'll work with us. It will include reference points and markers as part of the big picture.

After our first planning session, you'll know what your 6-week goal is as well as what needs to be done 2 weeks from now, 4 weeks from now, and so on in order to reach that goal. Whether you're starting with us on an entry level or you sign on for project management, you'll receive a precise business plan that details exactly what we'll do and how we'll reach your goals.

Once your plan has been approved, we'll work with your support staff to ensure everything progresses smoothly. We'll follow up to ensure any corrections or adjustments that might be needed are handled, down to the last detail.

Step-by-step, our comprehensive approach will guide your business from one level to the next. When your business hits various markers, we'll know it is ready for the next level. Through our Monetization Matrix™  Different revenue streams will be pulled in at precisely the right times, so you're consistently moving ahead and taking advantage of every option you wish to pursue.

You can find out more about the three options we have available for working with clients on our Services page.

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