Media Buying

Media Buying

Looking to get your list out in front of  advertisers?

Westmark Associates clients, when ready, can connect immediately to a list of reputable advertisers prepared to rent your list due to the Westmark brand we have worked hard to build since 2005. Our group of select advertisers will bring additional value to your loyal list of subscribers.

We are careful to only do a set amount of paid sends per month based on your list’s tolerance level, your list size, and of course your specialty. Media buys are a great additional source of income that at times can be used to generate additional marketing budget dollars that you can attribute to other marketing initiatives, or just to generate additional income.

Westmark negotiates on your behalf to get the best price and we continuously look for marketers with good direct response reputations.

You should not have to spend time negotiating and finding advertiser to rent your list, but should be focused on doing what you do best. You always have control of copy review and never send anything you feel inappropriate for your list. This is your list. You can request copy clearance prior to booking. You know your subscribers best and we depend on that to ensure the continued success with building your brand as well as ours.

How do we determine your CPM? Well if you have done media buys before with your list, you tell us what it is and we will get started! However, for those clients just getting started in renting out their lists, we will assist you in  determining the CPM rates.

How do we do this?

First, we look at industry standards.

Second, we look at your list size and any current click through rates and average open rates you have based on any other mailings you do to your list.

Third, we test your list with our select group of advertiser who trust the Westmark brand.

Fourth, we adjust your CPM based on metrics reporting taken from test sends. (This usually takes about 2-3 paid sends)

Now that we have an idea of what your CPM is we start booking at least one month out.

While media buying is a great way to earn additional income, we also know how important it is to not oversaturate your list by sending too many paid sends. It is important to structure a well-balanced marketing plan that incorporates our list of proven marketing techniques.

At Westmark Associates we work with you to custom tailor a marketing plan that not only provides value to your subscribers but that allows your business to enjoy steady and stable growth, and media buying happens to be one of many ways to do just that.

Media Buying – Advertisers

Looking to rent lists?

As mentioned above, not only has Westmark Associates worked to build relationships with a trusted group of publishers since 2005, but we also continuously build our advertiser pool in order to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our potential network reach includes over 800k and is growing every day. Our focus is on niche specific joint ventures for an elite group of investment educators. We have numerous available and viable publishers, but we also negotiate on their behalf and work with the publisher to ensure deadlines are met. We also follow-up to provide metrics reporting so you know your dollars are being spent effectively and we bill you on behalf of the client.

For more information about our list of subscribers please email and request our Westmark Client rate card. Or you can contact us to schedule an appointment with a Westmark Associates representative.

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